Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What oils can the sensors detect?

A. The sensor detects substances that fluoresce. Depending on the model of sensor chosen it can detect Diesel, Petrol, Kerosene, Aviation fuel, Gasoline, Crude oil, bunker fuel, fuel oils, vegetable oils, turbine oils. It can even detect the  oils from dairy products (milk, cream etc.,)

Q. Is the probe in contact with the liquid?

A. No. The probe has the enormous advantage of not being in direct contact with the liquid. This is important where the liquid level rises and falls and where the liquid could cause contamination of a probe.

Q. What height above the liquid can the sensor work?

A. Between 1 and 10m depending on the sensor.

Q. How low can the detector sense oil?

A. The sensor can be calibrated to detect oil down to single-micron layers and minimize false alarms.